May 29, 2019

Math.  Module 4 End of Module Assessment.  Homework includes reviewing all Lessons - 1 - 16 AND pages 77 and 78.  

Science.  Fossweb.com  Read pages 48 - 58.  Tomorrow you will turn in your composition book for a grade.  Make sure all questions are answered and that your Table of Contents is complete. 

Read for 35 minutes.  Take the AR tests that you need to complete.  

May 28, 2019

Math. Module 4, page 71.  Quiz on Thursday.  Begin to review the entire module for Thursday's quiz.  Know the vocabulary.  

Science.  Read pages 35 - 41.  Food Chains and Food Webs.  In your comp book, answer the questions on page 41.  Write the definitions to six more vocabulary words tonight.  

Read for 35 minutes.  Check your AR points and make sure that you are on task to get all 60 finished by May 31st.  

May 23, 2019

Walk-a-Thon tomorrow.  Wear appropriate shoes and wear your red shirts.

Parents - a lot of this work listed as "homework" was done in class.  Students should have finished most of the work listed below.

Math, Module 4, pages 65, 66, 67.

Read for 35 minutes.

Social Studies 117 - 124 in workbook.  Answer with complete sentences.  Proofread your work.  

Language Arts.  Using your comp book, make a bulleted list to summarize chapters 5-6 and 7-8.
Headings -  Chapters 5-6, Chapters 7-8

May 22, 2019

Read entire TFK.

If possible, read What Happens When Ecosystems Change?  

Social Studies Workbook, pages 107 - 116.  Fill out all questions completely.  This will be turned in.

Read 35 minutes and get your AR up to date.  

May 20, 2019

Fitness Week!  Wear your red shirt tomorrow and each day this week!

Math, pages 27-28, Module 7

Fluency 15A 

Read for 35 minutes

Keep track of your fruits and vegetables for the purple chart.

Olympics -Tuesday a.m. Go 100% Rotten Tomatoes!

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