Monday, January 15, 2018

Math for January 8 - 12

There will be a mid-module quiz on Module 4, lessons 1 - 8 (Topics A and B) on Wednesday, January 17th.  We reviewed all areas of this quiz on both Thursday and Friday, January 11 and 12.  

From Eureka Math:

" Topic A begins with students drawing points, lines, line segments, and rays, as well as identifying these in various contexts and within familiar figures. Students recognize that two rays sharing a common endpoint form an angle (4.MD.5). They create right angles through a paper-folding activity, identify right angles in their environment, and see that one angle can be greater (obtuse) or less (acute) than a right angle. Next, students use their understanding of angles to explore relationships between pairs of lines as they define, draw, and recognize intersecting, perpendicular, and parallel lines (4.G.1).

In Topic B, students explore the definition of degree measure, beginning with a circular protractor. By dividing the circumference of a circle into 360 equal parts, they recognize one part as representing 1 degree (4.MD.5). Through exploration, students realize that, although the size of a circle may change, an angle spans an arc, representing a constant fraction of the circumference. By carefully distinguishing the attribute of degree measure from that of length measure, the common misconception that degrees are a measure of length is avoided. Armed with their understanding of the degree as a unit of measure, students use various  types of protractors to measure angles to the nearest degree and to sketch angles of a given measure (4.MD.6). The idea that an angle measures the amount of turning in a particular direction is explored as students recognize familiar angles in varied contexts  (4.G.1, 4.MD.5). "

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