Saturday, September 30, 2017

Field Trip to San Buenaventura Mission on Wednesday, October 18th.  Would you like to chaperone?  Let me know!

Pack a healthy sack lunch for your child to eat.  Make sure to label the bag with your child’s name and room number.  Pack lunch in a sturdy, throw away bag.  Also, do not pack any soda, chocolate, or other candy.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Pack a small snack in a SEPARATE ziplock bag with your child’s name. This snack will be eaten when we arrive at the mission.  Again, no soda, chocolate, or candy.  Students will not have time to look through their lunches for a snack at this time.

Be sure to dress in layers and wear comfy clothes.  We will be doing a lot of walking, so wear comfy shoes as well.    

TRAFFIC DUTY!  Please sign up for traffic duty on the Google document emailed by Mrs. Chatterjee.  There are many days and locations without volunteers.  WW assigns each classroom a two-week traffic duty assignment.  Every family is asked to take part in helping to make the traffic move smoothly at WW. 

This week in Room 26. 

Math.  Module 3, Lessons 13 – 17.  This week we solve multi-step word problems using multiplication, addition and/or subtraction.  At the end of the week we begin division of tens and ones with successive remainders  using arrays, area models and place value disks.   Thursday, October 19th we will take the mid-module quiz that covers lessons 1 – 13. 

Language Arts.  Continue with Unit 1:  A Great Heart.  Using evidence from The Circulatory Story, students are building knowledge about “What is a great heart, literally?” and learning to gather and record evidence for writing.

Science.  Monday review the test on Force of Magnetism.  Tuesday begin Electromagnet investigations.

Health.  The Heart

Social Studies.  Missions. 


October 2 – 5.  I will be out of town - attending a week long science conference.  This very worthwhile conference covers the Next General Science Standards that Welby Way has begun using!  Four fourth grade teachers are attending using funds from a science grant that WW was awarded..  Mrs. Arleen Griess will be the substitute teacher for the entire week.  

Interim Progress Reports will go home on Monday afternoon.  Please sign and return the reports this week. 

Monday the students will take home the paper work for a field trip to the Ventura Mission.  The trip takes place on October 18th.  Return the permission slip to the classroom and the $15 donation to the WW main office POWW box.  Donations should be in an envelope clearly marked with student’s name, Mission Field Trip, Room 26, Mrs. Hassig.

School involvement.  Room 26 will do traffic duty from October 25 - November 3.  Be sure to go to the google document and sign up for your turn.  WW relies on each class to help out with traffic duty one time during the year.  THIS IS IT!!

Curriculum for October 2 – 6.

Language Arts will consist of current events, Time for Kids and Benchmark reading assignments.  Students will work in whole group, small group and partners to work on the different daily assignments. 

Math.  Continue with Eureka Module 3.  This week we will cover lessons 3 – 6.  Students should complete lessons 3 – 6 in ZEARN online.  Some students have not yet done lessons 1 and 2.  Those should be done before Monday. 

Math lessons this week include area and perimeter and multiplication by 10, 100 and 1,000.  Students will represents patterns in arrays and numerically. 

Science.  Monday – Investigation 1 quiz.  Students received a full review on Friday, September 29th.  Tuesday through Friday – The Force of Magnetism.

Social Studies.  World Hemispheres and California’s Regions.

Technology.  Students create a news article on one of California’s four regions.

Health:  The Circulatory Story and the Heart.

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