Monday, April 17, 2017

May 3.  Spring Sing.   Two performances - 8:30 and 1:00.  Fourth grade and chorus will be singing at both performances.

SBAC Testing.  English Language Arts May 10 -12 and Math will take place during May 23 – 25.

This week in Room 26

English Language Arts.  Finishing Hatchet. This includes a small skit and vocabulary quiz on Friday.  We begin a new unit on mythology on Wednesday.

Math.  We continue to work with decimals and fractions – Module 6.  Students should recognize 0.2 as 1/5 and 0.4 as 2/5, etc.  Students should be able to place 0.1 – 0.99 on a number line and place 1/10, 2/10, etc. on the same number line.  Mid-module quiz on Wednesday.  This includes lessons 1 – 8.

Science.  Continuation of Investigation 3 - Electromagnets.  Focus Questions:  How can you turn a steel rivet into a magnet that turns on and off?  How does the number of winds of wire around a core affect the strength of magnetism?  Thinking like an engineer to solve real world problems.

Visual Arts.  Chalk pastel lesson creating works in the likeness of Sandra Silberzweig.

Music.  8:10 – 8:40 Tuesday

Physical Education.  Psychomotor on Monday - we need volunteers to help from 8:05 - 9:10.  P.E. class on Wednesday from 10:40 - 11:15.

 Social Studies.  What was the Gold Rush? Students will read two different books about California's historical event. 

Health.  Disease.

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