Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Week:

Information on Conference scheduling will go home on Tuesday, October 25.

Math Quiz on Thursday that covers Module 3, Lessons 1 – 13.

Science Quiz on Friday – Investigation 3.


Language Arts.  Who Was Steve Jobs?  Non-fiction reading for comprehension.  Questions and discussions involving Steve Jobs and Apple.  We will finish the book and packet this week.  

Writing:  Final Narrative. After reading different articles on archaeology, student will write a narrative about going on an archaeological dig.  This in-class writing assignment will take place all week.   

Math.  Module 3 Multiplication and Division.  This week we will work on lessons 10 - 14.  There will be an assessment on lessons 1 - 13 on Thursday. 

Social Studies.  Presidential election for the next two weeks.  Discuss the different party platforms with your child.

Earth Science.  Soils.  Investigation 3:  Soils, Calcite and Minerals.

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