Monday, October 17, 2016

October 10 - 14, 2016

This Week:
Math Quiz on Wednesday that covers Module 3, Lessons 1 – 6.

Science Quiz on Thursday – Investigation 2.

Thursday – The Great Shake Out.  Earthquake Drill for all of LAUSD and all of California.  See for more information.  This drill will take approximately 1 hour.  It is expected that it will be a warm day.  Students should dress appropriately and bring a hat. 

Returned to students on Monday in class:  Social Studies and Steve Jobs Listening quiz were returned and discussed in class on Monday.  Students are to correct errors and return the work by Wednesday, 10/19.


Language Arts.  Who Was Steve Jobs?  Non-fiction reading for comprehension.  Questions and discussions involving Steve Jobs and Apple.  

Writing. Narrative, "Lost at the Mall."  Monday we will write the middle of the narrative, remembering to use dialogue and transitions.  We will finish the draft by Thursday and write a final on Friday afternoon.

Math.  Module 3 Multiplication and Division.  This week we will work on lessons 6 – 11.  There will be a quiz on lessons 1 – 7 on Wednesday.

Social Studies.  We will switch over to the presidential election for the next two weeks.  Discuss the different party platforms with your child.

Earth Science.  Soils.  Investigation 2:  Minerals and the Hardness Test.

Tuesday – Ballroom Dance.

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