Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 26 - 30, 2016

Hi Parents!

Effectively immediately ClassDojo will no longer be used in Room 26.  The program does not fit my teaching style and was misunderstood by many families – therefore I am discontinuing its use.  Classroom management will be based on the positive behavior plan by Rick Morris titled  “New Management.”  I have used this system in all previous years of teaching and will do so again this year.

Math.  Module 2:  Unit Conversions and Problem Solving with Metric Measurement begins on Monday.  This module has only 5 lessons.  We will have the test on this Module on Tuesday of next week. 
“Module 2 uses length, mass and capacity in the metric system to convert between units using place value knowledge.  Students recognize patterns of converting units on the place value chart, just as 1000 grams is equal 1 kilogram, 1000 ones is equal to 1 thousand.  Conversions are recorded in two-column tables and number lines, and are applied in single- and multi-step word problems solved by the addition and subtraction algorithm or a special strategy.  Mixed unit practice prepares students for multi-digit operations and manipulating fractional units in future modules.”

Language Arts.  We will continue to work on “My Diary from Here to There” and read and discuss Growth Mindset articles at the end of the week.

Writing.  Students will finish the draft of their narrative story.  We will publish the stories next week.

Science.  We are completing Investigation 1 in Earth Science.  Students are studying mock rocks and learning the difference between minerals and rocks.  We will have a quiz on Investigation 1 on Wednesday of next week.  There will be a complete review on Tuesday.

Social Studies will continue with unit 1.  We are using both the workbook and copies of maps.  Emphasis is on understanding and using absolute location to locate cities places of interest in California. 

Heath is a continuation of bullying, and respect.  We continue to use new daily acts of kindness. News articles regarding health, fitness and nutrition are read in Newsela at least two times a week.

This week and next:

Graded Work Envelope will go home on Wednesday.

Physical education class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please volunteer for psychomotor from 8:10 – 9:10 Monday if you can.

Friday, September 30th is Lifetouch picture day.  You can customize your order online at 
The Picture Day ID is:     DC016148Y0
When you go to the site, it will say that picture day is 9/28.  WW has pictures 9/28, 9/29 and 9/30.  Fourth grade is Friday.

September 30 – Interim Progress Reports go home.

Monday, October 3, 2016 is an unassigned day.  There will be no school.

Have a great week.

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