Monday, September 12, 2016

All things are going well in fourth grade room 26.  Students are learning the school and class rules and I am seeing a lot of positive interaction between the groups.  Students often work with groups of two or four where they learn to collaborate and cooperate as a team.

Five student's parents have not signed up to receive classdojo notifications.  Classdojo will be used beginning Thursday, September 15, 2016.  Be sure to sign up by then.  

On Tuesday, September 13, the students will take home their first "Graded Work Envelope".  This envelope will normally go home on Wednesdays, but just now we have paperwork to send home.  Go through the math mid-module test with your child and the Frindle quiz.  

Math:  The mid-module and final tests for each unit will have a rubric attached.  Carefully read the rubric to understand your child's score for each separate problem on the test.  Students should correct their errors on 8-1/2 X 11 inch LINED paper and staple it to the test.  Tests should always have a parent signature.  If your child scored a 2 in any area, he or she needs to meet individually with me and go over the problems missed.  Corrected mid-module and final tests are due back two days after they have been returned. If your child lacks understanding of the state standard, continue working with them to attain mastery.  Common Core State Standards can be found on the rubric and also online.

The Frindle quiz, with three vocabulary words and a few questions, should also be corrected and returned.  Note your child's writing and help them throughout the year to write complete sentences, check their work, and make certain their answered the question being asked.  We had discussed all of the vocabulary and comprehension questions in class.  This first quiz was a way for me to see each student's level of understanding and their writing.

Reading four hours a week is very important.  Accelerated Reader ("AR") is one of the WW teachers keep track of a child's reading.  AR has been set up for each student.  Check out AR by going to and clicking on Accelerated Reader.  Your child should know his/her AR sign on and password.  If you feel your child's first grading period point requirements should be different, email me, providing information.  In assigning required points, I took into account reading levels (STAR test) and last year's information from AR.

Several parents have not turned in the required paper work.  The Back to School Night packet has several information sheets that require a parent signature.  That information should be returned by this Thursday.  As of last Friday, I had not received several signed rosters to make final changes. Students took home a draft roster on Thursday.  Check your information on the roster, sign the back and have your child return the roster on Tuesday, 9/13.

All of us in fourth grade are looking forward to a fun year with lots of growth and learning.  Email me with any concerns you have!

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