Monday, February 1, 2016

Wednesday, February 3rd is our all day field trip to Olivas Adobe in Ventura County.  The bus will leave the front of the school at 8:15.  Students should have a water bottle, snack, lunch and an old towel.  Thank you to our parents for volunteering for this trip.

Last week I forgot to mention Mrs. Ilous as a regular volunteer for our room.  THANK YOU TO ALL VOLUNTEERS and special thanks to Mrs. Ilous for coming on Monday mornings and volunteering for the psychomotor hour.  All of your help is very much appreciated.  Please think about coming on Monday at 9 a.m.  We need two more parents!

Writing.  Class is working on Informational Text.  We are learning the different types of Informational Text and including small writings and graphic organizers in this unit.  Students will be writing two different short essays - one of them on Missions.

Language Arts reading.  We are reading, Who Was Steve Jobs?  Work includes reading, discussion and answering multi-tiered questions.  I hope you will ask your child about what they are reading about Jobs and have meaningful discussions about him!  If you have read the Steve Jobs biography you might want to add fun and interesting facts about the man to liven up the discussion.

Math.  This week we will finish the Geometry unit - Module 4.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday and the final will be on Friday morning.  Look in your child's Module 4 workbook to see that he/she has a solid understanding of the concepts.

Science continues with Mrs. Hauser.  We will finish this unit in late February.

Social Studies.  Students are reading and writing about California Missions.  Students have various handouts from primary sources and informational text on Missions in general.  Students will be doing their own research to find and write information on a mission of their choice.

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