Monday, February 29, 2016

Shortened Days - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, school releases at 12:30 for conferences.  Tuesday release time remains at 1:30.

Language Arts.  We have finished Who is Steve Jobs? and will be working on poetry this week.  With shorter hours in class students will be asked to read outside of the classroom.  Small information articles will be used as part of the morning warm up each day.

Writing.  Informational Writing.  Students finish writing their informative piece on animals this week.  Students will be using their Mission notes from reading and research to complete the mission reports. 

Math.  Fractions, Lessons 13 - 17 this week.  See Layfayette Eureka Newsletter online for parent information.  If you have no longer have the paper sent home in Graded Work Envelope go to:

Social Studies.  Wrapping up the Mission report this week.

Science.  Students have completed the second rotation and will begin Physical Science on March 7th in our own room.

Behavior has been an ongoing problem in and outside of the classroom.  I have spoken to students at length about this problem.  I will be discussing it with parents at next week's conferences.  

Thank you!

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