Monday, January 18, 2016

January 19 - 22, 2016

Room 26 will be taking a field trip to Olivas Adobe in Ventura County on February 3rd.  This is an all day field trip.  Students should have a snack, water bottle and lunch.  The students will be making bricks, so they need an old towel to dry their feet.  If you would like to volunteer for this trip, email me at  The field trip costs $25 per student and volunteers are asked to give $5 to help pay for the bus.  Checks should be written to POWW.

Students have been writing essays using Island of the Blue Dolphins material.  Students have written a character trait study and also an essay on the theme of the book.  This week we have one more small IBD writing and then we will begin to work on information/expository writing.

We will finish the third module in Eureka math and there will be a quiz on Thursday.  Students have done very well in learning multi-digit multiplication and division.  We have reviewed various word problems and have drawn number bonds, area models, place value charts, and used the standard algorithm to solve problems.

Earth Science with Mrs. Hauser continues.

In Social Studies we have begun to study Missions.  Students will have a mission project to do, but they will not be "making" a mission.  Each student will research a mission and write a brief report.  Details to go out later this week.

A graded IBD sheet from the work IBD folder went home with the students last week.  Parents are asked to sign the graded sheet and look through the work product of their child.
Students were given a chance to correct and finish the IBD folder - due date 1//19/16.
Students have been asked to think of a subject that they would like to become experts in for our independent study in class.  These hours in class will be called "Genius Hour."  Students were asked to think about something and discuss with parents different topics that they are interested in learning more about.  Students are to have three possibilities for their topic of study written on paper.  Ideas and thoughts for the independent study are due on 1/19/16.

Thank you!

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