Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Week

Trick or Treat!  We are grateful to our parents that sent in bagels, cream cheese, fruits and juices for our Halloween party.  Thank you!

Thank you to our parent volunteers.  This year we have a group of loyal and hardworking parents that come each week to help in class.  Special thanks to Mrs. Faye, Mrs. Kaulbach, Mrs. Chatterjee, Mrs. Lowenstark, Mr. Shirley, and Mrs. Murgensen for showing up each week to help out.

Overflow and unwanted Trick or Treat candy can be turned in this week.  The collected candies are given to organizations that request it, such as the armed services.

Completed Work Envelopes will go home on Wednesday.  The students’ Island of the Blue Dolphins quiz and math quiz will be included in the work sent home. 

The conference request time slips went home on Thursday.  Please return your time requests on Monday, November 2. Conferences take place during the week of November 9th.  There is no school on November 11.

Room 26 will be working as a class on being respectful.  Students will have homework and be asked to have family discussions about showing respect towards others and being respectful in group situations.


This week in Core Literature, we will finish chapters 8 -11 in Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Students read the chapters at home the day before the in-class reading.  IBD continues this week with point of view, transition words, note taking, word choice, pronouns, and making and writing inferences.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday, November 4th on chapters 6 – 9.

Narrative Writing.  Students are writing a second narrative. They are given a specific subject to create their story.  This piece of writing will be graded.

Math.  Continue with Module 3.  Multiplication and division.  Multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers.  PLEASE work with your child on multiplication to make certain your child understands place valule.

We have completed the first science unit.  The next unit – Earth Science with Mrs. Hauser – will begin after conferences.

Social Studies.   Native Americans and explorers.

Monday – Psychomotor at 8:50

Friday – Physical Education with Coach Lois and Coach Allison at 11:00.

Art on Fridays with Mrs. Faye.
Finish Perspectives.
Oil pastels.

Ballroom Dance. Thursdays at 10:15.

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