Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week

Honors Assembly on Thursday, October 22 at 8:15 for upper grades, 9:00 for primary grades.

We are very busy!  Students need to be on task in class - following directions and participating.  Notes will be sent home when students are not able to follow classroom rules.  


In Core Literature, we are in our second week of  Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Students read the chapters at home the day before the in-class reading.  IBD continues this week with vocabulary, plot, character studies and class discussion.  We will have a quiz on the first chapters on Wednesday, October 21.

Grammar.  Using progressive verb tenses, using correct capitalization.

Narrative Writing.  Students are adding the setting, sensory details and dialogue to their stories.

Math.  Continue with Module 3.  Area and Perimeter were started last week.  This week we continue with multi-digit multiplication and division.

Science with Mrs. Kearns. Rotations will be on Monday and Wednesday this week.

Social Studies. 

Absolute Location Projects due October 19. 

CA Regions Test covering Unit 1 Lessons 3-5 will be on Tuesday, October 20.  Your child will receive a study guide on Monday.

Physical Education.
Monday – psychomotor at 8:50
Friday – p.e. with Coach Lois and Coach Allison at 11:00.

Art on Fridays with Mrs. Faye.
Finish Perspectives.
Watercolor painting.

Ballroom Dance. Thursdays at 10:15.

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