Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 8 - 11, 2015

Language Arts - Students will create a Figurative Language book in class as a final project for this unit.  The planning stages for the booklet will begin this week. We are reading the story from the Treasures textbook called "My Diary from Here to There."  We will work on close reading, vocabulary, making inferences, spelling, and grammar.

Eureka Math -  We will cover lessons 11-13 this week.  Students took the  Mid-Module Assessment on Thursday, September 3.  The mid-module quiz goes home on Wednesday with a copy for the students to correct all errors.  Parent signature required on the quiz.

Narrative Writing - Students will begin taking notes on narrative writing ideas and characters.

Social Studies - Geography unit continues with more new concepts and map skills.  Students should know how to find latitude and longitude.  On Tuesday, September 15, students will be given information on a research project in class related to California's geography.  Each student will select a different absolute location to research.

Life Science with Mrs. Kearns - Rotations will be on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Art with Mrs. Faye on Friday

Music - Thursdays at 1:30.  Our new music teacher is Ms. Staves.

PE - Friday at 11:30.

Ballroom Dance will begin in October.

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